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Our Granite Paving is hard wearing and comes with various finishes like polished, flamed, leaether/lapato, etc. It is ideal for any interior or outdoor places.

Our Granite slabs/tiles are available in various sizes as per your needs. We cater all kind of bespoke orders and projects within the time frame.



     South Indian Granite

     North Indian Granite

Absolute Black Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

Black Pearl Granite

Tan Brown Granite

Sapphire Brown Granite

Lady Dream Granite

Indian Black Granite

Steel Grey Granite

Sierra Grey Granite

Kashmir Gold Granite

Madura Gold Granite

Imperial Gold Granite

Lavender Blue Granite

Vizag Blue Granite

Brass Blue Granite

Paradisso Bash Granite

Paradisso Classic Granite

Ghibli Granite

Colombo Juparana Granite

Golden Juparana Granite

Indian Juparana Granite

Tropical Green Granite

Hassan Green Granite

Seaweed Green Granite

Kashmir White Granite

Imperial White Granite

Viscon White Granite

Raw Silk Ivory Granite

Raw Silk Pink Granite

Typhoon Green Granite

Rosewood Granite

Shiva Pink Granite

Red Multicolor Granite

Indian Mahagony Granite

Shivasaki Gold Granite

Coffee Brown Granite

Imperial Red Granite

Jhansi Red Granite

Lakha Red Granite

Sunrise Yellow Granite

Royal Green Granite

Mokalsar Green Granite

Bruno Red Granite

Sindoori Red Granite

K.Red Granite

Raymond Blue Granite

Blue Star Granite

Polished Yellow Granite

Platinum White Granite

China White Granite

Imperial Pink Granite

Pink Pearl Granite

Rosy Pink Granite

Tiger Skin Granite

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