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All our marbles comes in different forms such as marble blocks, marble slabs, marble tiles, countertops, cut-to-size tiles and more.


General sizes :

Random salbs in thickness 1.8 cm, 2.0 cm and 3 cm                -    86" x 24" & 86" x 26"

Polished tiles with thickness 2.0 cm and 3.0 cm                        -    12" x 12 ", 12" x 24", 16" x 16" & 18" x 18"

Cut to size tiles with thickness 2.0 cm and 3.0 cm                     -    30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 30 cm, 60 x 40 cm

We can also provide other sizes and specifications as per customer requirements.

Every stone is unique in its characteristics and properties and hence variation should be expected. The given sizes and thickness are an approximation only and different pieces may vary in color tone, marking and texture.



Rainforest Brown

Rainforest Gold

Rainforest Green

Lady Onyx

Fortune Pink

Katni Beige

Jaisalmer Yellow

Eta Gold

Golden Flower

Our Marble Paving and Slabs comes in various finishes like polished, brushed, tumbled, leaether, etc. It is ideal for any interior or outdoor places.

Our Marble slabs/tiles are available in various sizes as per your needs. We cater all kind of bespoke orders and projects within the time frame.

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