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Kota Brown Pallisades

Multicolor Pallisades

Modak Pallisades

Mint Pallisades

Our products are hard wearing and comes with various finishes like Natural, Polished, Shotblasted, Flamed, etc. It is ideal for any interior or outdoor places.

Raw material sourced directly from the quarries in India, each piece has its own unique pattern.

Our Steps, Coping, Walling, Kerb & Pallisade are available in various thickness and sizes as per the requirement. We cater all kind of bespoke orders within the time.


Steps, Wallings & Copings


Mint Steps


Steps, Copings & Benches



Note : Other colors, patterns and finishes are also available as per the requirement.

Kandla Grey Steps

Multicolor Steps

Lavender Steps

Kadappa Black Steps

Kandla Grey Pallisades

Slate Grey Coping

Lavender Coping

Kandla Grey Kerbs

Multicolor Kerbs

Yellow Kerbs

Mint Kerbs



Kandla Grey Sawn Kerbs

Sawn & Shotblasted Steps

Sawn, Shotblasted & Bullnosed Step

Marigold Sawn & Shotblasted Bench

F.Brown Sawn & Shotblasted Bench

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