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Our Tumbled Sandstone Paving is hard wearing, tumbled and naturally beautiful. It is ideal for any patio, path or driveway which requires and aged and traditional feel. Sourced directly from the quarries in India, each paving slab has its own unique qualities and pattern.

Our tumbled sandstone paving is available in thickness range of

18-25 mm, 20-30 mm, 25-35 mm or CALIBRATED which gives a consistent overall thickness to each slab.


Tumbled Sandstone Paving

Raj Green

Raj Green sandstone paving has a autumnal range of colours with greens and browns and will suit to any application whether large commercial area or small courtyard.

Kandla Grey

Kandla grey sandstone paving has a blend of light and mid grey tones with the occasional splash of blue.

Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown sandstone paving has warm, mid-brown shades. This is one of our more consistently coloured sandstones, which would compliment green garden foilage beautifully.

Buff / Camel Dust

Camel Dust sandstone paving has a very neutral blend of subtle golden brown tones throughout this natural riven paving.


Mint sandstone paving has pale colours with occasional fossil markings and some warmer orange and brown tones throughout.

Modak Pink

Modak is one of our warmest colours and adds a luxurious feeling to a paved area with its deep brown and red hues.

Lalitpur Yellow / Gold Leaf

Gold leaf sandstone paving has rich, mellow, golden colour throughout with not too much variation.

Sagar Black

Sagar black sandstone paving is an exceptionally hard Indian Sandstone with a blend of light and dark brown tones.

Modak Pink

Modak is one of our warmest colours and adds a luxurious feeling to a paved area.


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